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Tomteland is a fantasy theme park in Sweden and

has been around since 1984, and we deliver a fantasy

world inspired by old Scandinavian folklore.

With: Choose your adventure as the setup; you can follow different storylines that are in many ways connected to one another. We produce interactive theater, which means that YOU are the real hero in the adventures. Our main goal is to encourage all people, especially children, to believe in themselves.


Let me explain how the interactive theater works!

During shows, you'll be able to help the characters in different ways. E.g. calling for other charactersguiding the characters by pointing on different objects, or answer questions provided by the characters. It's a little bit like Dora the Explorer. You can also mingle and make bonds with the characters. This is because we want the kids to really feel that they matter, and that they are in the center of what's happening.  


Howdy y'all!


Narrative Design | Story Design | Producing | Director | Music Composing & Sound design | World Buildin 

As you can see, my work fields at Tomteland are many. If I had to choose specialties, it would be Narrative design and Audio design.  

As a co-owner at Tomteland, I am also a member of the management team where we often have meetings that involve discussing ideas and methods on how to develop and improve the park and the experience further. We talk about the production of music, character designs, architecture, park logistics, performances, and services.

It's a thrilling experience to be a part of Tomteland. To discuss designs on different topics, together with my own family, is something that is truly dear to me.  

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